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'''Optional Parameters:'''
--minReadLen : Minimum allowed read length (Defaults to 10).
--quitAfterErrorNum : Number of errors to allow before quitting
reading/validating the file.
-1 (default) indicates to not quit until
the entire file is read.
0 indicates not to read/validate anything
--maxReportedErrors : Maximum number of errors to display before
suppressing them (Defaults to 20).
./fastQValidator --file <fileName> [--minReadLen <minReadLen>] [--quitAfterErrorNum] [--maxReportedErrors <maxReprotedErrors>|--ignoreAllErrors] [--baseSpace|--colorSpace|--autoDetect] [--printBaseComp] [--disableAllMessages]
Input Parameters
--file [testFile.txt], --printBaseComp [ON], --disableAllMessages, --minReadLen [10], --quitAfterErrorNum [-1]
Space Type : --baseSpace [ON], --colorSpace, --autoDetect
Errors : --ignoreAllErrors, --maxReportedErrors [100]

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