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Shuang Feng

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Shuang's research focuses on the development of statistical methods and tools for the identification and study of genetic variants influencing human disease. Under the lead of professor Gonçalo Abecasis, software that have been developed and released to public are:
[[Rarefy|'''rarefy''']]is a tool to help selecting informative families and individuals from familial samples. It calculates an informative score for each individual to evaluate the potential of carrying trait-influencing rare variants. It has been used for Minnesota Twins substance abuse whole-genome sequencing project and SardiNia deep sequencing project.
[[FamRvTest|'''famRvTest''']]is an efficient tool for rare variant association analysis. It handles related individuals and study specific covariates. The tool supports both single variant and gene-level associations. It has been used in eQTL and quantitative traits association analysis in T2Dgenes project.
[[RAREMETALWORKER|'''raremetalworker''']]is a tool to generate summary statistics for meta-analysis of rare variants using raremetal. It handles both related and unrelated individuals.
[[RAREMETAL|'''raremetal''']]is a tool for meta-analysis of rare variants. It supports both single variant and gene-level tests.

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