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Sequence Analysis Tools
#Variant Annotations using [[VcfCodingSnps]]
#Rare Variant Analysis using [[RvTests]]
#Rare Variant Association Analysis in family samples [[FamRvTest]]
#Quality control using [[C++ Executable: fastQValidator|FastQValidator]], [[VerifyBamID]], and [[BamValidator]]
#C++ APIs for sequence analsysis using [[C++ Library: libStatGen]]
#Meta-analysis of single variant or gene-level associations, including tools for generating summary statistics ([[Rvtests]],[[RAREMETALWORKER]]), annotating summary statistics ([[TabAnno]]), and performing meta-analysis (command line tool [[RAREMETAL]] and R package [[RareMETALS]]).
#Sequencing study design helper [[Rarefy]]
These tools and additional tools can be found on the [[Software]] page.

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