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*[[FamRvTest|'''famRvTest''']] is an efficient C++ tool for rare variant association analysis using a linear-mixed model approach. It handles population structure, familial relatedness and study-specific covariates. The tool supports both single variant and gene-level associations with various methods implemented. It has been used in eQTL and quantitative traits association analyses in T2Dgenes project.
*[[RAREMETALWORKER|'''raremetalworkerRAREMETALWORKER''']] is a C++ tool to generate summary statistics for meta-analysis of rare variants using raremetal. FamRvTest handles both related and unrelated individuals. It has been used in tens of research centers and institutions around the world since its first release in 2012.
*[[RAREMETAL|'''raremetalRAREMETAL''']] is a C++ tool for meta-analysis of rare variants. Raremetal supports both single variant and gene-level tests. It is currently being used in Exomechip blood lipids consortium meta-analyses and [[EMADS|EMADS]] project.

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