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LibStatGen: FASTQ

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== Where to find the fastqFile Library and the FastQValidator ==
The released version of fastQFile and FastQValidator code can be downloaded at:
== FastQFile Library for Reading and Validating FastQFiles ==
This library is dependent on two other libraries, [[C++ Library: libcsg|libcsg/libcsg.a]] and samtools/libbam.a so be sure to include them all in the proper order:
<path to base pipeline directory>/fastQFile/libfqf.a <path to base pipeline directory>/libcsg/libcsg.a <path to base pipeline directory>/thirdParty/samtools/libbam.a
See [[C++ Library: libfqf Change Log]] for a list of the most recent updates to the development version of the library.
=== Classes in the FastQFile Library ===

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