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AWS Access Keys are required for interfacing with AWS through the command-line interface.

  • Different from the key pair used to validate logins

If you have not setup AWS Credentials, but need them, here are some simple instructions:

  1. In your EC2 Dashboard, click on your name in the upper right hand corner
    1. Select Security Credentials

Amazon recommends you use IAM Users:

  • If you don't already have this setup
    • Amazon will prompt you to set it up
      • Select Get Started with IAM Users
    • If you don't get this prompt and want to setup IAM Users, select the Users tab on the left
    • Select Create New Users
      • Enter your user names
      • Ensure Generate an access key for each user has a checkmark next to it
      • Click Create
      • Select Download Credentials and store in a safe/private/secure location
        • This download contains your Access Key Id and your Secret Access Key - you will need these later if you use StarCluster
    • In the Users menu, select the user
      • Attach the appropriate policy for that user.
        • If you want full access, just set to Administrator Access & Apply the policy

See for Amazon's instructions and links to further information.

See for information about users and groups.

See Amazon for more information on IAMs, users, and policies.