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After creating an amazon account (, you can start a machine on Amazon using the GotCloud AMI.

The GotCloud AMI contains:

  1. GotCloud
  2. Reference Files
  3. Demo, see GotCloud: Amazon Demo for instructions on running the demo.

If you prefer not to use the GotCloud AMI, you can start up another AMI and install GotCloud as you normally would on a machine. See GotCloud Setup on Any Linux Machine.

Starting the GotCloud AMI

  1. Go to the EC2 Dashboard:
    1. If it is not already selected, select N. Virginia from the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard.
      • The GotCloud AMI is currently only in the US East (N. Virginia) region, so be sure you are set to that.
    2. Select the Launch Instance button on the dashboard
  2. Select the GotCloud AMI
    1. Select Community AMIs from the left menu
    2. Type gotcloud (enter) in the search menu in order to see the GotCloud AMIs
    3. Click the Select button on the most recent GotCloud AMI
    LaunchAMI 1.png
  3. Choose an Instance Type
    1. Select the Instance Type that you would like to run
      • For the Demo, we suggest c3.2xlarge
    2. Click the Review and Launch button
      • Optionally you can select Next:Configure Instance Details to additional steps
  4. Review Instance Launch
    1. Make any updates you would like
      • You can increase the default storage volume or add additional volumes by selecting Edit storage
    2. When everything is as you like, click the Launch button
  5. Select/Create key pair
    1. If you have an existing key pair that you want to use:
      1. Select Choose an existing key pair
      2. Select the key pair
      3. Check the box to acknowledge that you have access to the private key
      4. Click Launch Instances
    2. If you want to create a new key pair:
      1. Select Create a new key pair
      2. Name your key pair in the Key pair name field
      3. Select Download Key
      4. Click Launch Instances
  6. You will then see a Launch Status page
    1. Click the View Instances button in the bottom corner of the page to view your instances.
  7. Locate your instance
    1. Wait until your instance indicates running
    2. Select your instance (it will be highlighted in blue)
    3. Connect to your instance
      • You can connect in a couple of ways:
        1. Via a standalone SSH client
          • Connect using ssh -i pathToYourKey/yourKey.pem ubuntu@yourPublicDNS
            • Fill in your key and DNS appropriately
        2. Via Java SSH Client through the browser
          • Click the Connect button at the top of the page
          • A new window should pop up, in that window:
            1. Select A Java SSH Client directly from my browser (Java required)
            2. Enter ubuntu in the User name field
              • ubuntu is the default user in our AMI. GotCloud and example data are stored in the ubuntu user's home directory
            3. Enter the path to the private key (including the .pem filename) in the Private key path field
            4. Click the Launch SSH Client button
            • This will start a terminal on your instance.
  8. You should now have terminal/command-line access to your instance and can run GotCloud from there.
    1. The ubuntu home directory has 2 subdirectories
      1. example - contains the data for the demo
      2. gotcloud - contains the gotcloud program and source
    2. Type gotcloud from any directory followed by the desired command-line parameters in order to run GotCloud
    3. You can try the GotCloud: Amazon Demo if you would like to test GotCloud