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This change log & the statgen repository have been DEPRECATED

To see changes for the new libStatGen repository, consult the github history:


For fastq specific changes: https://github.com/statgen/libStatGen/commits/master/fastq

FASTQ Change Log

This page tracks the updates/enhancements that have been updated in the git repository for FASTQ. It is primarily used to track the user interface changes, so users can see what bugs have been fixed, or what new features have been added.



  • Made part of statgen library.


  • Update FastQValidator options (it is still backwards compatible, so the old options still work).
    • quitAfterErrorNum to maxErrors
    • maxReportedErrors to printableErrors
    • ignoreAllErrors to ignoreErrors
    • printBaseComp to baseComposition
    • disableAllMessages to quiet
    • autoDetect to auto


  • Add method: bool FastQFile::keepReadingFile() that returns whether or not to keep looping to read the file. It returns false on EOF or on a read error (corrupt gzip files never indicate EOF).
    • This method should be used for loops instead of FastQFile::isEof()


RELEASE of fastQFile_0.0.3.tgz


  • Update color space validation to require a 1 character primer base.
  • Add the FastQStatus classes to the repository.


  • If a file close fails when the file status was INVALID, change the status to that of the closure failure - the invalid could be due to a corrupt file, which is better reflected by a CLOSE failure than invalid.
  • Update the Validator to print the return value enum value and string representation. Created Enum class to contain method that knows the string representations.


  • Updated the FastQFile classes and the Validation Executable return values to reflect more detailed error codes by adding more FastQStatus enums.
    • Removed FastQStaus::FASTQ_FAILURE
    • Added:
      • FASTQ_ORDER_ERROR means the methods are called out of order, like trying to read a file before opening it.
      • FASTQ_OPEN_ERROR means the file could not be opened.
      • FASTQ_CLOSE_ERROR means the file could not be closed.
      • FASTQ_READ_ERROR means that a problem occurred on a read.
      • FASTQ_NO_SEQUENCE_ERROR means there were no errors, but no sequences read.


RELEASE of fastQFile_0.0.2.tgz

Known Issues