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Release of just BamUtil (does not include libStatGen)
To install an official release, unpack the downloaded file (tar xvf), cd into the bamUtil_x.x.x directory and type make all.
'''BamUtil.1.0.13 Release Notes'''* [[MediaBamUtil Version 1.0.13 - Released 2/20/2015** https:BamUtil//github.1com/statgen/bamUtil/archive/v1.0.1213.tgztar.gz** Requires, but does not include: [[LibStatGen Download#Official Releases|BamUtil.libStatGen version 1.0.12.tgz‎13]]** Makefule Updates*** Improve logic to determine actual path for the library*** Update to append to USER_COMPILE_VARS even if specified on the command line** Update [[BamUtil: writeRegion|writeRegion]]*** Add option to specify readnames to keep in a file*** Fixed bug that if a read overlapped 2 BED positions, it was printed twice** Update to [[BamUtil: bam2FastQ|bam2FastQ]] *** Update to skip non- Released 5/14/2014primary reads** Update to [[BamUtil: polishBam|polishBam]]*** Update to handle '\t' string inputs and to add CO option*** Fix MD5sum calculation to convert fasta to uppercase prior to calculating
'''BamUtil.1.0.12 Release NotesOlder Releases'''
* [[Media:BamUtil.1.0.12.tgz|BamUtil.1.0.12.tgz‎]] - Released 5/14/2014
** Requires, but does not include: [[LibStatGen Download#Official Releases|libStatGen version 1.0.12]]
** Update to [[BamUtil: squeeze|squeeze]], [[BamUtil: revert|revert]], [[BamUtil: diff|diff]]
*** Also accept ',' instead of just ';' as the delimiter in the input tags string.
'''Older Releases'''
* [[Media:BamUtil.1.0.11.tgz|BamUtil.1.0.11.tgz‎]] - Released 2/28/2014

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