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C++ Library: libStatGen

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***Cigar – interpretation and mapping between query and reference
***Pileup – structured access to data by individual reference position
Can be used to create your own C++ programs.
Currently the repository is recommended for Unix/Linux users with access to the GNU C++ compiler.
Here are links to the copyrights for our code and some of the utilities it uses:
*[ Our Copyright GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE] and [ Our Copyright Note]
*[ Copyright for MERSENNE TWISTER (used in Random.cpp)]
*[ Samtools Copyright (MIT License)]
= Using the Library =
== Dependencies ==
* This software requires the following to be installed:
** g++
** development version of zlib (zlib1g-dev on ubuntu)
** openssl and md5 (libssl-dev on ubuntu)
* Compiles on Linux/Unix
== Building the Library ==
When you just type make, it will by default to make opt(optimized).
Make all indicates opt, debug, and profile.
opt creates <code>libStatGen.a</code>, debug creates <code>libStatGen_debug.a</code>, profile creates <code>libStatGen_profile.a</code>
These libraries are created in the top level libStatGen directory and can then be linked to appropriately for building tools as optimized, debugging, and/or profiling builds.
== Navigating the Library Subdirectories ==
=== Working from Scratch ===
When compiling your code, be sure to include the library header files found in libStatgen/include/ and link in the appropriate library (opt: libStatGen.a, debug: libStatGen_debug.a, or profile: libStatGen_profile.a).  = Troubleshooting =If you are having trouble compiling any of the versions, check [[libStatGen Troubleshooting]] for help. If that does not solve your problem, email me for support.

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